Using goal categories

BetterWorks provides the ability to create and use goal categories to organize and prioritize your goals. Many companies use categories like Operational, Professional Development, Innovation, Customer, Employee, and Culture.

One way to use categories is to provide guidelines around the types of number of goals employees should have. For example, it’s common to instruct employees to create two or three operational goals per quarter, and suggest they work on one professional development goals as well.

You can associate specific categories when you create or edit a goal. You can see goal categories on the goal detail or list page.

Adding a category to a new goal

When you create a goal, you can add categories to it. Use the dropdown to select the category you want to assign to your goal.

Adding a category to an existing goal

You can also add a category to an existing goal by clicking the Edit button on the goal detail page.

Editing or removing a category from a goal

You can change or remove a category by clicking the Edit button on the goal detail page. To remove a category, click the X icon next to it.

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