Introducing the BetterWorks Slack integration

The BetterWorks Slack integration allows you to get notifications about activity in BetterWorks right in your Slack client. Now you can see cheers, nudges, @mentions, and other activity in the same tool you use to communicate and get work done every day.

The BetterWorks Slack integration is a Slack bot that tells end users about changes in their goals in a direct message. BetterWorks administrators can set up and configure the integration for their organization, and end users can choose to activate it on the Notifications page.



  • A Slack team for your organization
  • An individual Slack account for each user
  • BetterWorks notifications enabled (to enable BetterWorks notifications, navigate to Settings > Notifications)

Important: The BetterWorks Slack integration only works with one Slack team per organization. If your organization uses multiple teams in Slack and you can’t live without the BetterWorks integration, consolidate into one team and start using channels to separate your conversations.

Interested? Read more about Setting up the Slack integration.

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