Using related goals

Connectedness is the first Goal Science Thinking pillar. Goals can be connected in multiple ways:

  • Cascading connection is when information travels from one management level to another
  • Horizontal connection is when two goals on similar levels, or that require similar amounts of effort, impact each other

Horizontal is a commonly neglected connection type; it’s very difficult to define, and many traditional management structures do not acknowledge its value.

Showcasing horizontal connections is critical to keeping the team running smoothly. Poor cross-functional communication is a huge contributor to organizational ineffectiveness and waste. 

BetterWorks is making horizontal connections as simple to view and understand as the more common top-down and bottom-up types. Linking related goals highlights horizontal connections, giving clarity and increasing transparency between teams.

Related goals provide users with a means of:

  • Seeing other teams’ and groups’ goals that are related to the user’s goals
  • Calling out dependencies between teams that implicitly affect overall progress

For more information on connecting related goals, read Adding related goals.

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