Getting started with Goal Masters

What is the Goal Masters program?

The Goal Masters program provides the tools and resources to train your employees to become goal coaches within your organization.

Sometimes the hardest part about goal setting is knowing where to begin. That’s where Goal Masters come in. Now employees can simply reach out to a trained and trusted colleague for help, instead of struggling with the goal-setting process.

Identify your Goal Masters

Goal Masters are your employees. They represent 5-10% of your organization across different teams or functions. Target employees who have shown a passion for your goal management program or really taken to the BetterWorks platform.

Characteristics to look for in a Goal Master:

  • They’re a change agent or maven within your company
  • They’re passionate about goal-setting and operational excellence
  • They demonstrate leadership through actions
  • They’re committed to the goal-setting program’s success

Here are a couple of ways to identify potential Goal Masters:

  • Log in to BetterWorks and go to Admin > Usage Dashboard > Scroll down to Activity Data > Select Total Check-ins > Click the total check-ins value in a department row > Find the columns related to cheers, check-ins, and comments. Who is the biggest cheerer, has the most Check Ins, or the highest progress? Reach out to these folks to see if they are interested in becoming a Goal Master. Do this for each team in your organization.
  • Ask the leaders of your different departments to nominate one or two individuals who they think would excel as a Goal Master
  • Ask for volunteers!

Once you’ve identified your Goal Masters, customize the Goal Masters Toolkit to welcome them to the Program (for example, you’ll want to replace all instances of the word “Customers” with your organization’s name) .

Train your Goal Masters

Goal Masters are your organization’s goal SME (Subject Matter Expert). They’re trained on good goal setting practices, hierarchy, and the pillars of Goal Science. They are your goal champions across the organization. Don’t worry, we’ll help you build them to be lean, mean, goal setting machines.

Goal Masters in training should attend and complete the Goal Masters learning path in BetterWorks University.

In addition, you should hold a session with your Goal Masters to make sure that they understand your organization’s goal management program, the expectations you have for them, and the cadence for creating goals, checking in, and assessing that you need the organization to follow throughout a quarter.

Once they’ve completed Goal Master training, email and we’ll provide you with a certificate that you can print and hand out to your new Goal Masters .

Set them loose!

As a Program Lead, your Goal Masters are your experts on the ground to help ensure the goal management program is successful. To maintain their standing as a Goal Master within your organization, each person should do the following:

  • Hold “Office Hours” and deliver “Lunch and Learns” to help your organization set solid goals and get them into the BetterWorks platform. They should deliver Lunch and Learns once a quarter. Each goal master can take the lead during a particular week or for a particular team.
  • Participate in “Cheer”-ful Fridays; Goal Masters should cheer a few of their colleagues to encourage and support them as they work on their goals.
  • Partner with their Department Lead or Executive. The most successful programs partner a Goal Master with a business leader to help ensure their teammates are creating goals on a quarterly basis and entering them into BetterWorks.
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