Using the Admin Portal

by Fred Pukay

The Admin portal lets you control anything having to do with your BetterWorks instance. Only BetterWorks Administrators can access the Admin dashboard. Find it by clicking Admin in the top toolbar.

The Admin portal gives you access and control to everything in BetterWorks. Use it to customize your end-users’ experience, manage users and reports, give access to BetterWorks support agents, and even more.

Company Message

This is the default view for the Admin dashboard. Use it to update logos and messages that display to end users in your organization.

Manage Admins, Departments, and People

Use this view to edit the users who have access to your BetterWorks instance. Import, edit, deactivate, and reactivate users and groups on this screen.


Department and User CSVs

Use this section of the admin portal to add departments and users in bulk via a .csv file.

Organization Notifications

Set the default notifications for your user base here.


The Reports view lets you download various reports about BetterWorks activity, user behavior, and goal statistics. It also shows you a history of who in your organization has downloaded reports recently.

For more information, read Using Admin reports.

Usage Dashboard

The usage dashboard allows you to monitor your organization's usage statistics for the date range of your choosing. You can also export this data to .csv if you like.


You can use the Assessments view to adjust how and if your organization performs goal assessments. Disable them, make them private, or adjust what type of scoring you use.

For more information, read Getting started with assessments.

Top Company Objectives

Use this view to set Top Company Goals. Choose goals from the menu and save your changes to set them as Top Company Goals.

Time Zone & Business Calendar

Use this view to set a time zone for your BetterWorks organization. Alternatively, if you are in the default time zone for your organization, click Detect Time Zone and save your changes. You'll also use this view to set up your calendar so all objectives can default to your fiscal year.


The Integrations view lets you set up and configure integrations for your installation. Integrations use technology from third-party software providers to enhance your BetterWorks experience.

For more information, read Enabling and configuring integrations.


You'll use this section to set password requirements and grant temporary access to the BetterWorks support team. Granting support access to BetterWorks allows agents to troubleshoot problems, get guided walkthroughs, or share information with BetterWorks to improve the platform. You can revoke support access at any time.

For more information, read Configuring support agent access to BetterWorks.

OKR Naming Options

This section of the admin portal will allow you to set the Goal/OKR language for your organization. You can choose between Objectives and Key Results or Goals and Milestones.

BetterWorks API

This section of the portal allows you to create an API key for your organization so you can build custom applications using the BetterWorks API. For more information about the BetterWorks API, head to


Depending on your BetterWorks instance, you may also see the ability to configure Plans and Conversations in this view.  


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