Setting up the Salesforce Integration

by Fred Pukay

The BetterWorks Salesforce integration allows BetterWorks users to connect their goals to data from Salesforce reports. The value of those users’ goals updates automatically based on those reports.


To use the integration, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The person doing the setup should be a BetterWorks admin and an SFDC admin
  • Create a Salesforce account that the integration will use for data collection. We recommend naming this account “"
  • The service account you create must have the “Manage Package Licenses” user permission so that you can assign licenses for the managed package. To grant this permission to the service account, click the checkbox on the user profile creation page in Salesforce.

For security and privacy, this user should follow these profile guidelines:

  • The profile must match the lowest access level of any Salesforce user in your organization who also uses BetterWorks 
    Note: If you give higher-level access to this profile, it might expose sensitive data to the rest of your organization
  • The profile must have Read Only permissions
  • The profile must have Managed Package Licenses
  • The profile must be REST API enabled


Before you can deploy the Salesforce integration to end users, you must install the BetterWorks app in your Salesforce Business Org. You can find the BetterWorks app in the AppExchange.

For instructions on connecting Salesforce reports to goals and milestones, read Using BetterWorks with Salesforce

  1. Download the BetterWorks managed package from Salesforce. You must be a Salesforce admin to install the app.
  2. In the installation screen, select “Install for All Users” and click Upgrade or Install. A loading screen opens.

  3. After the installation completes, the BetterWorks managed package opens. 

    To access the managed package in the future, navigate to Setup > Build > Installed Packages and click “Manage Licenses” next to the app name “BetterWorks Managed.”

    Note: Depending on your installation type, the navigation path may read Setup > App Setup > Develop > Installed Packages.
  4. Submit a ticket to with your Organization ID to have the Salesforce integration enabled in BetterWorks. Support will confirm with you when the integration is enabled.
  5. Log into BetterWorks as an administrator.
  6. Click Admin in the top toolbar and click into the Integrations section.
  7. Click to expand the Salesforce integration section.
  8. Input the Server host URL and credentials and click Save. Note: The credentials should be those of a service account configured specifically for BetterWorks - see the Prerequisites section of our Introducing the BetterWorks Salesforce integration article for further details.

Very Important Note: When entering the credentials, more specifically the field that says password, please be sure to enter this in the form passwordtoken with no spaces between, before, or after as shown in the screenshot above.  So if your password was 123 and your token was abc, you would enter 123abc in the field with no spaces between, before, or after.

The Salesforce integration is now enabled in your BetterWorks instance! To learn about using the integration in goals and milestones, read Using BetterWorks with Salesforce.

By default, your app contains 30 licenses. You may add and remove users from this panel. We recommend assigning initial licenses to the administrator or operations team member who will be setting up the goals for the extended team.

To add more licenses, contact your BetterWorks Customer Success Manager.



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