Introducing the BetterWorks Salesforce integration

The BetterWorks Salesforce integration allows BetterWorks users to connect their goals to data from Salesforce reports. The value of those users’ goals updates automatically based on those reports.


To use the integration, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The person doing the setup should be a BetterWorks admin and an SFDC admin
  • Create a Salesforce account that the integration will use for data collection. We recommend naming this account “"
  • The service account you create must have the “Manage Package Licenses” user permission so that you can assign licenses for the managed package. To grant this permission to the service account, click the checkbox on the user profile creation page in Salesforce.

For security and privacy, this user should follow these profile guidelines:

  • The profile must match the lowest access level of any Salesforce user in your organization who also uses BetterWorks
    Note: If you give higher-level access to this profile, it might expose sensitive data to the rest of your organization
  • The profile must have Read Only permissions
  • The profile must have Managed Package Licenses
  • The profile must be REST API enabled

What BetterWorks needs from you

BetterWorks must enable the Salesforce integration (read Setting up the Salesforce integration for more information). After the integration is enabled, we'll need you to input the following information through the BetterWorks Admin panel:

  • Your Salesforce Server URL (Example:
  • The Salesforce newly created service account username (Example:

Note: Find out how to retrieve your security token by reading Salesforce’s documentation.

Additionally, read about how to create a user that does not require password updates. We recommend disabling password updates for users who will use the Salesforce integration. Requiring password updates for your user may prevent the integration from functioning correctly.

If you use Single Sign-On to access Salesforce, you will need to generate a password for the newly created user. To do this, log in to Salesforce as the new user, navigate to the Profile Settings page, and create a password.

For more information, read Setting up the Salesforce integration.

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