Advanced Analytics: Starter vs. Premium


The Betterworks application offers users two Advanced Analytics packages: Starter and Premium. This article aims to explore the distinctive characteristics and shared capabilities of these tiers. To provide a comprehensive overview, the table below highlights the key features that are common to both tiers, as well as the features that are exclusive to each tier.

Starter Advanced Analytics

The Starter Advanced Analytics package is a complimentary feature included in the Betterworks platform. This package provides users with access to a diverse range of 67 analyses, covering various Guidebooks and topics such as Goals, Conversations, DEIB Demographics (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging), and L&D (Learning and Development) Goals. Furthermore, as Betterworks continues to evolve its roadmap, users can expect the addition of more analyses and features to further enhance the Starter version.

Premium Advanced Analytics

The Premium Advanced Analytics package offers customizable dashboards that provide enhanced value, albeit at an additional cost. In contrast to the Starter tier, which offers 67 free analyses, the Premium Advanced Analytics tier includes 58 additional analyses, bringing the total to 125. Moreover, apart from trending data, the Premium tier seamlessly integrates performance-related data with Business Goals, Conversations, DEIB, and L&D Goals, further enriching the analytical capabilities. Users of the Premium tier also benefit from gaining in-depth analytics, advanced guided insights, and customizability, allowing them to tailor their analytics experience to their specific needs and preferences.

Dashboard & Insights

Program Adoption

  Starter  Premium 
Goals Measure how teams, departments, and various demographic groups are doing with setting and completing goals Yes Yes
Conversations Gauge the adoption and fulfillment of your organization's conversations program Yes Yes
Feedback Evaluate how feedback is exchanged across the organization at different departmental and leadership levels Yes Yes
Recognition Assess who is receiving recognition and from whom Yes Yes

Employee Performance

  Starter Premium

Performance Distributions and Trend Gain insight into performance ratings roll-up and trends to track progress across review cycles

Yes Yes

Performance Management Impact Compare performance ratings with factors that potentially enable or inhibit employee performance

No Yes

Calibration Changes Review a "pre and post" summary of the impact of calibration and devise ways of improving the process



DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging)

  Starter Premium

DEIB Demographics Assess characteristics of the current workforce analyzed by diversity demographic data

Yes Yes

DEIB in Performance Management Analyze workforce performance by diversity demographic data

No Yes

L&D (Learning & Development)

  Starter Premium

Learning & Development Goals Assess employee’s learning and development goal metrics

Yes Yes

Learning & Development Effectiveness Evaluate the effectiveness of your employee’s learning and development goals

No Yes

Technical & Reporting Capabilities

  Starter Premium
Guidebooks Pre-built analyses on foundational topics, as outlined in dashboards and insights above, to monitor metrics and uncover improvement opportunities Yes Yes
View Details Access underlying dataset behind different points in your visualization Yes Yes
Context Filters Add filters to answer the questions for the data segments you care about Yes Yes
Present & Export Analyses Present in full-screen mode. Export to Excel, PDF, or Powerpoint Yes Yes
Share Analyses Share analyses with other users or user groups, which they can easily access and retrieve in Advanced Analytics Yes Yes
Schedule Email Delivery Trigger emails with analyses straight to your colleagues’ inbox, once, regularly or upon certain data events Yes Yes
Explore Easily create ad-hoc analyses with the full range of metrics, visualizations, segmentations, filters, comparisons, and advanced settings No Yes
Capture Save charts you like for easy reference and to build your custom dashboards faster No Yes
Compare Compare different objects (e.g. employee profiles) side by side. Build comparison charts between different metrics, groups, and time periods. No Yes
Build Your Own Create custom dashboards combining ad-hoc analyses from Explore, saved analyses from Capture, and advanced context capabilities No Yes
Annotate Add market or business events directly on a chart to drive the viewer’s attention to specific moments in time or help interpret the chart better No Yes
Customize Landing Page Make sure you steer your users to the analytics you want them to focus on. Include quick links, directions, summaries, pictures, and more No Yes


Where can I learn more about the pricing and subscription options available for Premium?

Please contact your CSM directly for pricing and subscription service information.