BetterWorks Release 17.8 | 360 Feedback Org Chart Support

Explore our exciting new features in this release! 

  • 360 Feedback Org Chart Support: Peer Feedback now supports “standard” 360 feedback 

    - Admins can choose who the default feedback providers are: manager, direct reports and/or peers

    - Admin can select a maximum number of feedback providers suggested by the platform 

    Anytime Conversations: Have a Conversation Anytime! 

    - Admins can create a set of Conversation templates specifically for Anytime Conversations 

    - Users can preview and select a Conversation template to use for a 1:1 

    Removed Question Limit for Peer Feedback: 

    - Previously, we limited the number of Peer Feedback questions to four; we now support unlimited questions per template 


Release Preview Demo:


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