BetterWorks Release 17.2 | Introducing More Control and Configurability Over Feedback and Conversations

Create Richer Feedback and Conversations Experiences for Your Organization!


Visibility Configurations and Nomination Configurations

Decide who can see feedback responses. This enables you to decide between a more traditional feedback cycle that’s only visible to the manager, or feedback that’s transparent to both the manager and the recipient.

Decide who can nominate feedback providers. This enables the manager, employee, or both parties to select the people who will be providing feedback.



Cycle-Specific Configurations

Use new configuration capabilities to shape feedback deployments for a wide variety of data-gathering use cases. This enables you to use BetterWorks to collect both formal feedback to use in reviews, and more lightweight “pulses” simultaneously.



Transferable Conversations

We will now support visibility changes for when a person is transferred to a new manager. The new manager will have visibility into previous conversations, to add context to their current conversation or review.



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