Setting Up Hashtags

Using Hashtags

Reporting On Hashtags


Setting Up Hashtags

1. In the Admin tab, click Hashtag Settings

2. Click Enable suggested hashtags

3. Type your hashtag in the Add new hashtag field, when satisfied, click Add

  • Note - Do not type # before your hashtag text

4. Once you're finished, click Save


Using Hashtags

1. Your administrator will set up suggested hashtags that will appear under the comments field. Simply click one to apply.


2. You can also create your own hashtags by typing # and then typing your text (e.g. #teamwork, #greatidea, etc.)

3. To see hashtags applied to your objectives, go to your profile. You'll see a summary on the page:


Click any of the hashtags to see all of your tags and the details.

4. To see a summary of every time the hashtag was used, click the hashtag in the comment field. You can then scroll through a feed of the hashtag details. 


Reporting on Hashtags

1. Under the Reports tab choose Hashtag Report from the dropdown menu


2. The report will list each of your suggested hashtags, and the top 10 organically generated hashtags in the organization. You'll also see a count for how many times you users received and gave each hashtag.

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