Designing Your Recognition Program


As the Betterworks administrator, you have the ability to enable the recognition, set suggested hashtags for your employees (i.e. #teamwork) and monitor with reporting. We recommend asking a couple of key questions when you begin to design your recognition program.

What would you like your employees to gain from receiving recognition?

Your answer will help guide the overall messaging of how your employees should be using Betterworks provide recognition. We recommend to keep this value statement simple and focused. 

What type of recognition do you want your employee to give and receive? 

Your answer will help you configure the suggested hashtags. We typically see customers configure their company values as their suggested hashtags. This will then show up under each comment box.

How will you promote the Recognition Wall?

It is important to integrate the recognition given in Betterworks into other areas and processes of your organization. 

  • Some of our customers display the live Recognition Wall on a monitor in their office so that everyone can see the recognition that is being given.
  • It is important to consolidate the recognition that may be given in different areas of the organization. 
  • We find that programs that integrate recognition given in Betterworks into real rewards help to drive adoption. This may be a shout out during a company-wide meeting or even a tangible reward.

Ready to start?

See this article to get started.