BetterWorks Release 17.1 | Introducing To Do's and Enhanced Simplification

We're Bringing you Greater Simplicity and Actionability in 2017!


In this release we’re bringing you a simplified way of staying on track and keeping up to date on your goals and conversations. View our release webinar demos below to catch up on the features we released through the holiday season!


Demo Excerpt From the Release Webinar


To Do's

Quickly see what you need to do in BetterWorks. Whether it's creating new objectives for the quarter, or checking in to objectives that have fallen out-of-date, To Do's will show you your most urgent BetterWorks activities.

New Landing Page

Auto prThe new landing page simplifies you BetterWorks experience, and takes you straight to you goals overview.

Multi-Level Goal Editing

Edit multi-level goal structures within the same view for increased clarity on the bigger picture.

Specifying Contributors

You now have the ability to decide who specifically can contribute to your goals, for increased accuracy and control over your goals progress.



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