Using the Salesforce Integration

by Fred Pukay

You can connect a Salesforce report to BetterWorks as easily as adding a metric to a goal. Connecting a metric to a report will update the goal’s value every hour. The current value of the metric represents the most recent version of the Salesforce report.

Creating a Connected Goal

To connect your goals to Salesforce data, start by creating a new goal in BetterWorks. Add a milestone and select the Salesforce icon (blue cloud symbol under Use and integration to update progress) to begin the process. This is where you add a Salesforce report.

  1. Click the Salesforce icon and a modal will pop up
  2. Select any Salesforce report by entering the name of the report in the “Search for a report” field.

  3. Once you’ve connected a report, choose a summary field from which to pull the value of the goal. Available summary fields will appear in the Select Field dropdown once the report is connected. Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_3.24.20_PM.pngNote: If the unit matches a BetterWorks default unit (dollars, percent), the unit will import, but you also have the option to select a custom unit if none of the default units match.
  4. Optional - use the Group By function to select key fields from your Salesforce Report. In this scenario, we're grouping by the opportunity owner (Trevor) and the time the contracts closed.Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_3.28.11_PM.png
  5. Save the report and it will default back to your creation page. You'll want to set a target metric for this milestone or key result on the right-hand side and then complete the creation process by clicking the Submit button. Once a goal is successfully integrated and updated, a blue Salesforce icon will show up next to the goal in the goal list view! Note: This target value does not have to match targets set in Salesforce.

Working with Connected Goals

Once a BetterWorks metric is connected to a Salesforce report, the metric’s current value will reflect the latest value of the report. The value imports automatically from Salesforce. You cannot manually update the current value without disconnecting the report.

If you own an existing metric and would like to connect to a Salesforce report, you can add the report by clicking on the metric and selecting Edit from the Actions menu. You can edit or disconnect reports at any time without disrupting existing check-ins.


Updating a Salesforce-Integrated Milestone after a Goal’s Due Date

By default, integrated milestones stop updating after a goal is due. If you know when you set up the milestone that you will want it to update indefinitely, click into the Advanced menu during setup, and select the “Continue updating milestone after due date” checkbox.




Why can't I select a summary field for a Salesforce integrated milestone?

First, check the Salesforce report to confirm there is a summary field.

If there is a summary field and you are not able to select it for your milestone, there may be custom objects within the report that the user created for the Salesforce integration cannot see.

How often does Salesforce data import to BetterWorks?

Salesforce values are updated every hour.

Can I push BetterWorks data back to Salesforce?

No. We currently do not offer backwards compatibility with Salesforce.

How long will it take the Salesforce report to appear in BetterWorks?

Report values are added to the goal immediately upon creation and values will be refreshed hourly. On the goal's due date, the value will conclude syncing and the final value will be saved as the goal’s final progress.

Can I connect my goals to other Salesforce records?

No. We currently only support connection to Salesforce reports.


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