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What is the difference between a task, a goal, and a project?

You probably work with tasks, goals, and projects every day. 

  • A task is something you do. 
  • A goal is something you want to achieve, a desirable outcome.
  • A project or initiative is usually a combination of tasks with an intended goal. 
For planning and management purposes, getting alignment on goals ensures everyone's working together. Goals help us focus on the big picture. SMART goals are goals that include relevant, specifics like due dates and metrics. 

What are some examples of typical goals?

You can find some sample goals by function here


What is the goal list page?

The goals list page allows you to see the lifecycle of your goal and perform all the regular goal interactions easily:

  • View progress
  • Check in
  • Edit permissions
  • Edit progress settings
  • View goal alignment
  • Assess goals
  • Leave comments


Why can't I change the end date of my goal?

Contributing goals are confined by the dates of the parent goal. For example, the parent goal has an end date of 9/30/2017. If you try to set the end date for your contributing goal to something past 9/30/2017, you will get a error message that says, "End date must come before parent end date of 9/30/2017." 


How many goals should I have?

During a typical period, like a quarter, you should be working to achieve 5-7 goals. Too many goals can detract from overall progress, so focus on what's really important.


How do I reassign a goal or milestone?

You can reassign goals or milestones you own, goals or milestones that your direct reports own, or any items in the platform where you are marked with "Editor" permissions.

Reassigning your and your direct reports' goals & milestones

  1. Navigate to the goal list page and find the goal or milestone you want to reassign
  2. Click on the picture/initial pane next to the name of the goal or milestoneScreen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_1.22.32_PM.png
  3. Search for the new owner's name and click on itScreen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_1.22.46_PM.png
  4. After clicking on the name, it will save your changes and the ownership transfers to the person you selected.
    Note: Once you reassign the goal, you won't be able to edit the goal and reassign it unless the new owner reports to you, or if you have editor permissions on the goal.
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